Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tanya Free and Friends Podcast

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Roberto Guzman, Senior Legal Assistant for The People's Task Force to Free the Wrongfully Convicted joins the conversation this week to discuss the case of Davontae Sanford. A judge refused to throw out this teenager's guilty plea to four slayings in a Detroit drug den, despite the confession of a hit man in prison for other murders who said he never used the learning disabled youth as an accomplice.

What does it say about our society or our country when the President of the United States is referred to as a “thug” by right wing conservatives?

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1. Basie said...

Thanks Tanya for what you do!I will be listening.

2. Tina said...

Listened in today. Great show. I was so busy listening. Time got away. Lets hope the courts do the right thing. The people have to stay out there.

3. RobertBrown said...

Your show keeps it real.Thank you.Your cut creator is really on the money.I have not heard that James Brown cut in years.

4. Aaron said...

So glad the story broke on your show!

5. Cyn said...

You guys are on IT!Why don't they give you another hour? I agree with @Robert.Baddest old skool jams on the air.Enjoyed the after show jazz.Grover W and Mr.Magic

6. Dj said...

I agree with William.It is time for healing.

7. Roberto Guzman said...

Please have callers contact the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Kym Worthy, to ask her to do the humanly right thing and set Davontae Free. She still has that power, regardless of the proceedings had so far, and she knows it. The prosecutor's office is 313
224-5777. Even a call would help remind her that we have not forgotten. If supporters can be there with Davontae's family and us on April 23, that would be so helpful too. Thank you so much for caring from across the miles.

In the struggle,


8. Barry said...

Thanks for the info Tanya! Making my calls in the morning

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