Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show Podcast

An Hour of Social and Political Straight Talk ! Listen to the Podcast Here on!

Listen as Dr. Boyce Watkins joins the conversation  as we discuss President Obama's recent low approval ratings,"The Black Agenda" and more!

Dr. Boyce Watkins is one of the most highly sought after African-American scholars in the world.
Seriously committed to social justice, Dr. Watkins has been an outspoken critic of social and racial inequality.  His fourth book, “What if George Bush were a Black Man?” has been featured in the national media as one of the most riveting statements in modern social commentary.

Dr. Watkins has presented his message to millions, making regular appearances on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC News, BET, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Black Enterprise Magazine and many more national media outlets, and now the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show.



1. Cyn said...

I love Boyce Watkins.I will be taking a late lunch

2. Jacob said...

You and Dr. Watkins are doing all you can to justify a failed presidency.You got what you voted for.

3. Jesse said...

Great to hear an honest assessment of the Obama presidency.Fair and Balanced. I had to pull my truck
Listening on my laptop in the truck in Kansas

4. Robert Brown said...

Great show.Dr. Watkins is the truth!

5. Politico said...

Kudos.The show is tooooo short.WCLM needs to give you another hour

6. Hamp said...

At least the birthers can sit their asses down now.

7. Biz said...

It is amazing that, as one of callers said,you liberals have a knack for criticizing while justifying your continued support of this train wreck of an administration.

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