Monday, April 25, 2011

Discontent within the Party

Low job approval ratings have plagued President Obama over recent weeks, triggering speculation of a possible Presidential nomination challenge from within the Democratic Party.

What do you think is behind the speculation and how do you feel about a challenge to this sitting President from within his own party?


1. Herb said...

The speculation is a warning to Obama that he better tow the line and not move to the left.He should stand for something or he will continue to fall for anything.

2. Jesse said...

He has failed to make his case and what he has accomplished to the masses.He has to do this during the campaign

3. Gerry said...

This is coming from those Blue Dog Democrats who never wanted him there in the first place

4. Brandon said...

The discontent is across the political spectrum.Discontent leads to apathy which leads to low voter turnout.The level of change promised was unrealistic from the start.The new,young and and in many cases naive crop of voters that turned out in 2008 may be hard pressed to renew their enthusiasm after learning what politics is really all about.

5. Cyn said...

The discontent has more to do with race than performance in my opinion.

6. Jackson said...

The lack of change is the reason for the speculation

7. RobertBrown said...

There is nothing the President can do to change the prevailing opinion that a Black Man can be an effective President.
To respond to your poll,We Black people should support the end of discrimination against lesbians and gays.Yes,they should have all of the rights of heterosexuals.

8. JD said...

@Robert The discontent has nothing to do with race.We are in very difficult times.No to same sex adoptions.

9. Scotty Reid said...

I think it is just that, speculation. Those who are angry with the President because he has had to compromise to get something done should realize who he has to deal with in Congress. They should direct their anger towards lazy voters who stayed home election day 2010 therefore failing to elect a Congress to work with the President in pushing the progressive and black agenda. Obama is not a King who can issue a decree that become the law of land. Learn how our government works.

10. wdc said...

Let them challenge away, it'll get them nowhere. The only credible challenger would be Billary Clinton.
To the cretins that supports the gay agenda is the real reason this country is headed toward destruction.
If you care to look it up in the Bible you'll discover that God hates wickedness and abnormal unnatural behavior. Those that embrace such a lifestyle of debaseness is not fit for the Kingdom of God. Now run an tell that.

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