Thursday, October 28, 2010

A requirement?

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1. Rob said...

Don’t we have enough uninformed voters now?The vote will go to the highest bidder.I say no.

2. Barry said...

Absolutely not!!

3. Howie said...

on the surface this seems like a great idea...but after thinking about it for a while here are the problems with it

1. if government is going to creep into my personal life AGAIN, then it needs to start at itself with reform. After all, Big Brother needs to show the people it is control of itself first before passing down additional requirements on the individuals that make government even possible.

2. Force all senators and Representatives to cast votes on ALL bills that are presented on the floor, make attendance at ALL sessions in both houses mandatory. After all, this is what our tax dollars are paying them to do - their job.

3. Congress needs to to be able to inform all of us as to what they are working on - no more "behind-closed-doors" meetings. How else are we the people suppose to be able to analyze the issues and communicate with our elected representatives.

4. change policy to force our representatives to cast their votes on issues in the favor of the majority that they represent. This will go a long way to help eliminate personal greed and corruption that is rampant in Congress. Remember again, our elected officials are suppose to be working fur us, not themselves.

5. When it comes time for an elected official to campaign for re-election, let them do this on their own time and money, not our time and tax dollars. Officials should not be drawing a government supplied paycheck while they are out on personal business of trying to get re-elected.

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