Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wants it all back

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1. Earl said...


2. Jesse said...

Has Juan Williams been around O'Reilly and FOX News too long? A Rick Sanchez moment?

3. Benita said...

It first, my thoughts were "yeah right." But on second thought, why can't we have free education? College is there presumably so that we can secure better jobs and careers that will afford us the lifestyles that we want. But school loans consume a big portion of our incomes. If he gets it (and I'm sure he won't) there will be a long line forming at every college and university in the country.

4. Ace said...

Should I really feel sorry for someone with his earning potential?

5. Howie said...

Are you serious?? A free college education?? What do you want next - a free house because it is also expensive?

College is a PRIVILEGE not a right. Why should anyone else but the student and his family be responsible for the incurred debt just because he wants to give up on it half way through?

This is the problem with America - we have forgotten what it is like to have to work and take risks to get what we want. Everyone just wants handouts because "it is owed to them".


Get off your tucous, work hard, plan ahead and save for what what you want.

America is the land of opportunity - not the land of handouts.

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