Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It really does count!

The midterm elections are less than two weeks away. There is a lot at stake. Despite the predictions of the media pundits that have all but officially declared the victors – we cannot allow ourselves to be discouraged or complacent. Your vote does count. It really does! The right to vote, letting your voice be heard should never be taken for granted. Choosing not to vote really shouldn’t be an option.

There are countless issues facing our country. For the millions of unemployed and underemployed it’s – Jobs. For the millions of uninsured and underinsured, it’s - Healthcare. For the children in struggling urban and rural public school systems, it’s - Education.

Our individual needs and priorities may vary, but collectively, we CAN and WILL overcome the obstacles that for too long have prevented real change. We must get out and vote for those candidates that will commit to work with our President to fulfill the promise of change that will get us back on the road to long term prosperity.

Join me on November 2! VOTE!

Live Life with a Purpose!


1. Creighton said...

I am discouraged and despondent.I expected more than I have recieved from both parties.A "NO VOTE" is still a vote.

2. Jesse said...

I am with you and Mark. Souls to the polls.

3. Howie said...

the correct way to vote is to put those in office that will start reducing the size of our federal government, get spending under control and actually have a BUDGET that has to be conformed to, and stop interfering with our private lives.

If our government would allow small businesses to do what it does best - work hard, make money and grow - then employment will take of itself by small businesses hiring new employees to handle the growth.

Just think - all the billions spent to save GM and Chrysler could have gone to small businesses and would have saved double the number of jobs.

4. Gina said...


5. BB said...

@Howie Talk about reducing the size of government is a smokescreen and has no real direct affect on the average American.The bailout money has but been paid back in full with interest.The real issue remains to be jobs,jobs ,jobs!

6. Tim said...

Let's vote! Tea anyone?

7. Jerry said...

Keep the faith,but polls don't lie.It is not going to be good for the DEMS.

8. Rich said...

It does count.All of you who discounted us "teabaggers" as you call us will take control and be at the polls with bells on.

9. Cyn said...

I agree with Tanya.It is not so much whether you vote "R" or "D".It's whether that person will agree to work with the President.I think the Republicans might be surprised when the Tea Party candidates hold the GOP's feet to the fire.There are plenty of Blue Dog obstructionist Democrats that have refused to work with the President.Wonder why?Hmmmmm.It is not party,its service that we need.

10. Cindy said...

Tea anyone?

11. Karen said...

Tea for me

12. Stanley said...

Too little,too late.

13. Carol said...

You must vote for the person you believe will do the job; the person who will get it done. It's not about a "party" so much as it is about making strides to get things on track. We need the people in office to help make positive change effective - not to constantly put up roadblocks for their own selfish agendas. To figure out who that right person for you is you will have to pull yourself away from the TV and the campaign "ads" and READ...learn the historical policies of the person you want to vote for and stop listening to fools who only know how to malign, mislead and outright lie.

14. Eric said...

I will be there on the 2nd!

15. Richard said...

Well said! Bravo!

16. Howie said...

@BB - the size of government has a direct affect on everyone in our country. The larger our government is, the more unnecessary bureaucracy there is, the more unnecessary spending there is and the more corruption there is.

All of this equates to higher taxes to substantiate the costs to keep the government running. Don't forget, we are also continuing to run up our national debt.

You may not think this affects you - but lets think about our children for a minute. Do you really want to see a 50-plus% tax bracket as a standard for the next generations?

That is where it is heading with the current power hungry, "all-out-for-myself" mentality that our government has turned into. Am I am referring to BOTH sides of the fence - Dem's and Rep's

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