Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not for Sale!

The mid-term election campaigns are in full swing with negative ads, media hype and spin. In a tit for tat kind of way, the candidates will duke it out to be the last man or woman standing, which unfortunately is likely to be determined by who has the biggest purse.

For an economy supposedly rebounding from a recession, the enormous amount of money being spent is obscene. How does $140 million dollars strike you?  California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has reportedly already spent this record amount averaging over three million dollars a week. It seems like such a waste in light of the fact that we, the voters, learn little or nothing about theses big spenders other than their net worth and price tag that they and their benefactors are willing to pay for power.

We have to do our homework and dig deep beyond the big bucks, glitz and negative ads to sort out the best candidate. There are some things money shouldn’t be able to buy! A political office should be one of them. 

Don’t be bought, cast your vote for the candidate worthy of your vote!   
Live Life with a Purpose!


1. Tyrone said...


2. Gayle said...

All politicians have a price and will go with the highest bidder

3. RobertBrown said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm Tanya.We all need to realize that things have improved,not as much as we need.It is scary that the Republicans want to turn back the little progress made for the sake of politics.We CAN DO THIS!

4. Bill said...

How do you spell relief? REPUBLICAN!

5. Shawn said...

You are a refreshing voice in the midst of cookie cutter radio pundits.I am new to XM and had not heard of you.The President is getting an unfair assessment by the voters,or should I say the voters that opposed him.The fact that we avoided a Wall Street crash,got out of Iraq and passed healthcare shoud be quite enough for an ordinary President.He is not ordinary.He and you are in the extraordinary category.(IMHO).My only complaint with you is that you have a TV face,not a radio face.Your coverage of the march was better than most of the stuff I have seen on the internet or TV,if I can continue to be honest.Stay true my sista.

6. Samantha said...

Elections have always been for sale,but the new allowance for corporations to contribute as individuals is scary.

7. PAMELA said...

Love your show on WCLM.I loved Speak to your heart.Why don't you do an all jazz gospel show?

8. Cameron said...

Politics has and will always have a price.Influence also has a price tag.

9. Howie said...

It is not just the Republican candidates spending this kind of money - the Democrat candidates do it to!

Here is one easy solution - limit the amount of money a candidate can spend on a campaign to that of which they would make in salary during the term of office they are running for.

For example, the current salary (2010) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year. So if a candidate is running for the House, they would be able to spend 2 x $174,000 = $348,000 on their campaign. Senate race would be able to spend 6 x $174,000 = $1,044,000 total.

Afterall, why would someone want to spend $30 million for a job that pays them $1 million or less for the term of the job.

Should a fry-cook at McDonald's spend $50,000 in order to obtain a job that pays him $15,600/yr? Our political system has developed into a monstrosity that our founding fathers would never believe.

Congress, and the President, are suppose to be working for and helping us - not trying to grab all the power they can to benefit themselves.

Term limits, campaign spending limits AND no contributions! That is a start.

10. Jesse said...

Howie,you are dead on.I concur.

11. Teddy said...

You are correct.We need to look past the poll and money numbers.We just need to get out and DO IT.Thanks for keeping your eyes on the prize.

12. Biz said...

Everything and everybody has a price.Democrats included.

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