Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Service with a smile

What ever happened to the values of honesty, integrity and competence? There was a time when consumer protection and company goodwill went hand in hand. It’s when a company or business guaranteed their product or services and valued their customers and customer service meant talking to a competent individual offering service with a smile. How many times have you been subjected to rude store clerks, and less than competent telephone customer service reps?

Isn’t it time we stop accepting this behavior as the status quo and support only those businesses that deliver and ensure quality products, service, and displays an authentic appreciation for our patronage? Our buying power determines the success and continued existence of these businesses. Let’s make them earn our support.    


1. Cyn said...

Amen.Less than competent?Come on. Two baggers at my grocery store spent more time sheduling a hookup than focusing on putting can gooods over my eggs

2. Derrick said...

How about those Indian based customer service reps that can't understand English

3. RobertB said...

My assessment of this situation is…not all but many Americans settle for almost anything. We allow Goliath to step on our necks while complaining about fairness, honesty and rights. The days of loyalty to consumers and employees has since moved out to sea. Boycotting wasn’t a bad thing and it appears we may need to move back into this direction once again to have our voices heard. If you hit these companies where it hurts (it the pocket), I guarantee you they will lend an ear to the consumer.

I have come to a point, American needs to put America first. There are many needs that need to be attended to in this country and we force the hand to China and India by seeking cheap labor and accepting less than standard goods. Wake up America, the Revolution is about to start! Hell with the Tea Party!

4. Avery said...

Reminiscing about the good ole days will not change the fact that we have an undereducated ill prepared workforce.

5. Crystal said...

I agree with Robert.We have lowered our expectations to the point that we don't even expect good service anymore.

6. Walter said...

You are so right! I have been hearing you on the radio for months and just had to check out your site.If I had known that you were this beautiful as well as articulate and brilliant. I would have been here sooner.Your voice of reason is refreshing.

7. Marion said...

You are a breath of fresh air.Thank you

8. Brian said...

You would think with high unemployment there would be better pool of applicants.

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