Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cease the political nonsense!

If you lost your job tomorrow, how soon do you think you could find comparable employment?  What about health insurance? Could you afford the cost of COBRA? These are life changing questions that both working Americans and millions of laid-off Americans are faced with and challenged by instead of the pursuit of the American Dream.

Despite Democratic and Republican rhetoric and gridlock, the loss of jobs and lack of adequate healthcare is not limited to any political party.  In my experience, I don’t recall anyone asking me my political affiliation before handing me my pink slip. 

Let’s send the message to our political leaders that the opportunity to achieve the American dream must not be hindered by political posturing and demagoguery.


1. Gene said...

I applaud your passion,but you are like John the Baptist crying in the wilderness.When will we wake up?

2. Tonya said...

Keep crying out Tanya.People are listening.The problem today is that we all have become so dissolusioned and apathetic.I refuse to give up the hope!

3. Sara said...

The proposed reform if you can really call it that still will not produce any immediate relief for the majority of affected Americans

4. Cliff said...

We need a Million Man and Woman March for jobs on Washington!

5. Pete said...

I also believe in the American dream.Politicians today seem to be following an agenda that is a mockery of representation!!

6. Manny said...

Your tag is right.You are on point.Good Job

7. RobertB said...

I often wonder, what is the true America Dream? We have this perception of fairness, equality, and home ownership but what really constitute what we are looking for? There could be a number of things that fulfill our desires but the common tread in human relationships is peace and truth.

Now this is were the problems comes in….if your Federal Representation aren’t truthful, morally bound and hold some form of humility for his fellow man regardless of party affiliation, than how could he/she represent the masses as a single body? There are too many issues that affect the least and the last due to no fault of their own but the politicians that create, enforce and institute these laws can’t put their personal endowments aside to create common good for the masses.

The people need to speak up and hand these politicians pink slips for their actions towards instituting hardship on the American public. We need to start a “New Reform Party” were representations apply common sense in their decision making.

8. Cindy said...

I nominate Tanya and RobertB to head the "New Reform Party"

9. kiara ashanti said...

I understand your point, but believe the President is standing in the way, because of his own ideology, not anyone elses. This could have been fixed by now. it only looks impossible from the surface.

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