Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Standing on the shoulders of giants

The celebration of Black History Month has ended for another year. We celebrated our history and rich legacy and were inspired by the many stories of triumph over tribulation. Will we pack away the momentum or will we forge forward with a plan to make history?

Let us honor the victories of those pioneers who paved the way by doing our part to elevate ourselves to the next level. This is not a pull yourself up by the bootstraps message, rather a reminder that we collectively, standing on the shoulders of giants, must be in control of our destiny. Not everyone will lead a movement, be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the next leader of the free world, but it is how we handle the daily hurdles and obstacles that will define the next generation and generations to come.

Let’s keep Black History, past, present and future alive!


1. barry said...


2. Larry said...

Why is it that Tom Joyner never follows up on your comments?

3. Gail said...

Been missing you.Didn't know that you moved to 105.Got it now!

4. Seattle Jesse said...

Black History is truly American History!

5. Bruce said...

We can not allow children to grow up without a sense of history.

6. jason said...

Heard you on the Tom Joyner Morning Show too

7. Ben said...

Thank you for acknowledging our ancestry.I am sure that they are proud of you and your are making history my sister.

8. Jean said...

Black History is and should be 24/7. 365.Keep on making history!

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