Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Different Viewpoints


1. James said...

Tavis Smiley is not for Black America,only Black Tavis Smiley

2. Ben said...

Much ado bout nuthin!

3. Karen said...

What are the qualifications for a Black Leader?

4. Henry said...

Tavis needs to be put in check.He is not the litmus test for being black in America.

5. Barry said...

We need differing points of view.We should not be or expected to be monolithic.We will grow not with one leader,but many

6. Rod said...

Different viewpoints are fine until they become vindictive and mean spirited.Tavis crossed the line.

7. Tiffany said...

It is sad how Tavis has regressed into such an angry,self centered individual.Bob Johnson was right to fire him from BET years ago.His real personna wasn't known then. We know now!Disagree without bringing down!

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