Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tanya Free and Friends Podcast



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We are two weeks away from the midterms. Are you, your family and friends ready to vote? Tell everyone you can to get ready to vote and let’s change the course of the country. Let’s Do it! 

Let’s Deal With The Real this week on the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show



1. Tom said...

If you can't prove your address,you are disqualified.

2. Ruth said...

Ruth says the lottery is ill gotten gain.You should not play with the devil

3. Candra said...

Why don't you ever deal with how we lesbians are treated by other women.Dont you think being lesbian is more difficult than Black or Female.

4. Candra said...

So ,you are not lesbian Tanya? C'mon

5. Trudy said...

I whether Ruth's pastor would accept the money

6. Candra said...

Sorry.didnt mean to offend. Was given bad info.My apologies. Enjoyed the show

7. Tonia said...

Where do these people come from? You announce Mr. Free every week.Great sista show@ Black Girls Rock!

8. Benjamin said...

Good to see strong sisters in action.

9. Cindy said...

It is even hard for Black women to get respect from Black men

10. Christine said...

Being black makes a double impact on being a woman

11. Candra said...

So many tragedies this weekend.Looking forward to the show

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