Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tanya Free and Friends Podcast

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The midterm elections are less than 30 days away. Reportedly, several Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls will be out campaigning for and with 2018 midterm candidates. 

Possible 2020 candidates include:  
Former Vice President Joe Biden
Senator  Kamala Harris
Senator Cory Booker
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Former Governor Deval Patrick
Former Governor Terry McAuliffe
Congressman John Delaney
Former Attorney General Eric Holder
What’s your take? Which of these Democratic presidential prospective candidates do you think could actually win in 2020?  
Kavanaugh is confirmed? Who benefits more Dems or GOP? Should students  be required to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? 


1. Tommy T said...

I appreciate your passion

2. Tariq said...

Troy is a crab in the barrel

3. Sam said...

You were on fire today.Great

4. Grace said...

Tanya,you kept them in check today.We CAN make a difference. I don't have to like everything about Oprah in order to accept her message.

5. Denver said...

I am going to vote this year.Thanks for keeping it real

6. Tonia said...

Jerome presented a good balance with Myron.Myron was actually on point. You must have administered his medication before the show!lol

7. Greta said...

Is Van a comedian? Hilarious

8. Ted said...

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It! I love it. So true

9. Dena said...

Great pic.Great show.Thanks for the video podcast.Good to put faces with names

10. Long Time Listener said...

Keep speaking truth.We can win in November

11. Long Time Listener said...

Great music today.This Day by Jennifer Holiday was just beautiful. PRAISE GOD

12. Warren said...

Saw your ad and question on Urban Views .The Democrats are going to have to get a clear consistent message other than "Trump is Bad "

13. Faith said...

I appreciate the encouragement to vote.I will,but I am exhausted.This day to drama makes me just want to turn my TV off. Sorry,but it is 4 real.How do you do it? I am thankful that you do.

14. Long Time Listener said...

I was at the rally today,but didnt recognize you.Sorry

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