Monday, October 08, 2018

What's Your Take?

The midterm elections are less than 30 days away. Reportedly, several Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls will be out campaigning for and with 2018 midterm candidates. 

Possible 2020 candidates include:  

Former Vice President Joe Biden
Senator  Kamala Harris
Senator Cory Booker
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Former Governor Deval Patrick
Former Governor Terry McAuliffe
Congressman John Delaney
Former Attorney General Eric Holder

What’s your take? Which of these Democratic presidential prospective candidates do you think could actually win in 2020?  


1. RobertBrown said...

I agree with some of your panelists that it is too soon to speculate.If we were to identify a leader before the midterms,the GOP would run against that person and could cost Democrats success in November.Let's say Cory Booker is the frontrunner.How many White voters would stay home in November? I think we need to wait until after the midterms

2. Trudy said...

I think Biden and Booker as a team bring the best chances for victory.

3. June said...

McCauliffe has the fire but not a national name recognition

4. Constance said...

Robert make sense. I like Cory Booker a lot.BTW You look great. Love the haircut and your fashion sense.

5. Long Time Listener in Richmond said...

Disagree with Robert.The Republicans are going to do that any way.What do you think about Better Midler's tweet.I agree with her and white women still support Trump.And her quote is from an old song by John Lennon.Would love to hear your take on it this week.Thanks for what you do.

6. Trudy said...

Do we need a white woman,good intentions aside to speak for us?

7. Karen said...

Looks like the blue wave is fading.Have you seen the polls for the midterms?What is wrong with Democrats?

8. Cary said...

None of the above

9. Louis said...

Kavanaugh in,Haley out!

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