Sunday, September 30, 2018

Should students be required to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance?

When India Landry was expelled for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance, her mom launched a legal battle against the Houston school. But the Texas Attorney General is fighting against her. USA TODAY


1. Jesse said...

What happened to free speech?She was not disruptive.This is some more Donald Trump/Jerry Jones right wing bull....

2. Long Time Listener in Memphis said...

So,we have a supreme court nominee who drank beer underaged throughout high school graduate with honors,and this young lady is suspended for having a conscience.

3. Curious said...

If it's a public school, yes because US tax dollars are paying for your education

4. RobertBrown said...

No,protected free speech

5. Gregory said...

No,this is a political stunt.Whats next?

6. Lynda said...

This is why I listen to your show.Why has this not been in the mainstream?We are slowing losing our basic rights.

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