Sunday, June 10, 2018

Do You Code Switch?

Do you code switch? You know when someone speaks a certain way depending on the company or situation. For example, when we speak in mixed company in professional, polite standard English: “ Good morning, how are you? “ opposed to when we are speaking to our peeps and homies in an entirely different cultural dialect “hey, whad up,” less suited for the office. “U know wha I’m sayin”… I mean “do you know what I am saying.”

Now, that we know what it is, why do we do it?

What’s Your Take? Do you find yourself code switching on the job, in certain situations, etc.? If so, when and why?





1. Jesse said...

Didn't know it had a name.It's called survival in a White Man's world

2. Dean said...

Code switching also refers to people who are bilingual and switch back and forth to "privatize their converstion

3. Long Time Listener in Memphis said...

We do it when we can let our guard down around people in your comfort zone.

4. Davis said...

Yes,I code switch.I have to present an entirely different persona when I am with White folks.Otherwise,I will be stereotyped as a big Black angry man

5. Kevin said...

Does anyone ever feel put off when you patronize an Asian establishment and they go in and out of their native language?

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