Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Tanya Free and Friends Rewind


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 We are taking a break this week. Check out an encore presentation of our May 23rd broadcast with Myron,Dale,Pastor Blanche and Eric.


1. Don Craighead said...

Missed you this week.Are you still doing voter registration?We have to get these crooks out of office.If so,I pledge to help.Just let us know.

2. Laura said...

I know 3 people that I am encouraging to register before the deadline. We cannot take this midterm for granted .I like what you said to Myron about whether his words would be put into action.

3. Jesse said...

Thanks for putting power behind your words.A lot of people like to talk about what's wrong.We need new voters and to energize the base or 45 will mantain a supportive Congress.I have a personal goal to recruit 10 of my fellow truck drivers to register to vote.

4. Lacy said...

All of the Black churches should open their doors to your voter registration drive.I know Pastor Foote would.

5. Long Time Listener in Memphis said...

Will be glad when you guys come back.Miss y'all when you are away. BTW,where is Marty? Been Missing Him

6. ManChild said...

To quote Robert DiNiro,"FUCK TRUMP"

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