Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tanya Free and Friends Podcast


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Let’s skip 45’s BS this week, a 65 year an old black woman was dragged out of her car by several officers.  A grandma, where’s the outrage? When did it become a crime to nap in the commons area of your dorm, or to shop at Nordstrom Rack for your prom, or go to the Waffle House after the prom, or a cookout at an Oakland park? That’s just the list for last week. Do you think Black students are more successful when their teachers are Black?




1. Trudy said...

Myron needs to listen and take a seat outside of the studio

2. Steve said...

If things are so bad for y'all in America why not leave?

3. Trudy said...

Is Pam Africanism reverse racism?

4. Margaret said...

Marcus and Dale are the only sensible voices with you today

5. RobertBrown said...

Y'all got deep today.I have a problem with Myron's inferiority complex.Noi one is holding him back except himself.

6. Cameron, said...

don't skip over Trump. We need to know what he is doing and NOT doing

7. Steve said...

Yall are racist as hell

8. Long Time Listener said...

I predict all the President's men will go down and he will be reelected.

9. Benjamin said...

Did you hear Bishop Curry's sermon at the royal wedding?Wow.Your panel talks about the lack of leaders in the church?We have one and most of us didn't know.Wow.After I read his bio,I was even more impressed.

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