Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show On Demand


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Alleged bad and questionable conduct by some prominent celebrities has dominated the airwaves of the past week. The conviction of Bill Cosby, allegations of mental and physical abuse by Nas, more sexual allegations against R. Kelly, bizarre rants from Kanye and the ever present Stormy Daniels saga have many of us picking sides and making excuses based on our personal affection for our favorite stars. Activists from the Me Too movement are even calling on radio stations to ban all music from R Kelly.
Can you hate the actions of a celebrity but still love and support his or her work?


1. Lewis said...

Why do you have these Kanye sympathizers

2. Lauren said...

Cosby deserves jail

3. Grayson said...

great music today

4. Grace said...

I am with you Tanya.The choice to live or die is not really a choice.Seems like suicide to me

5. Tonia said...

Glad you didn't smack Van today. He deserved it LOL

6. Long Time Listener said...

Great discussion. Wish you had more time.Loved the music today.

7. Nathan said...

Have not heard Roy Ayers in years.Great discussion

8. Lynn said...

The Highlight of the show is when you made it personal about R Kelly and the panellist`s own daughter.

9. Trudy said...

I like Marcus on the panel.Good show

10. Jesse said...

Marquise needs to know that he has to come correct when he calls the Tanya Free and Friends Show lol

11. Kevin Winston said...

Bill Cosby does not deserve our sympathy.

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