Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Another tragic shooting claiming multiple lives and injuring others. Kudos to the brother that disarmed the shooter! Should the Waffle House shooting suspect’s father be charged for returning the weapons to his son after confiscation? On the political front or should I say behind the scenes ,a measure has been approved to repeal policies designed to protect minority discriminatory car loan practices. Can you list the “positive aspects” of slavery? Can you believe this was a homework assignment? 



1. Long Time Listener in Richmond said...

Newly elected congress people have no power.They cannot head commissions.We need experienced politicians to make change.

2. Tonia said...

John is a good addition to the family.Bill was on his best behavior today

3. Lawrence said...

I dont believe in CAN"T.

4. Freddy said...

Tanya,you have to accept the fact that we do not have the votes in Congress yet

5. Newton said...

Why would the government lie about gassing of children?

6. maceo said...

You should have more female panelists

7. Ginger said...

That minister on the phone should not disparage a college degree.He probably doesn't have one.

8. Anne said...

The music on this show is hot and Jill Scott spitting Billie Holiday? Priceless

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