Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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45 fired two of his people last week, one by tweet, the other a few hours short of retirement. Cowardly and mean spirited to say the least.  Who’s next? What’s an instant bridge? Given the collapse in Miami, Why?  Secretary of Education  Betsy Devos  is eyeing a repeal of President Obama’s “ Rethink School Discipline”policies and bombings in Texas and another school shooting,this time in Maryland.

Let's Deal With The Real TODAY on the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show   


1. Scotty said...

Tanya and listeners, please look up the Shawn King article in the Intercept concerning the NCAA using the 13th Amendment in federal court to ask the court to dismiss a lawsuit by a former student-athlete who wants Athletes to be eligible for work-study pay. Article "The NCAA Says Student-Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid Because the 13th Amendment Allows Unpaid Prison Labor"

2. Barry said...

NCAA is modern day slavery.

3. Long Time Listener said...

Where is Eric from? Maybe he should go back. Agree with Tracy. He is rude

4. Greta said...

Great snow day listening at home.I am in Alexandria VA.Looks like.we got all the

5. Tonia said...

Eric isn't rude,just blunt and uncensored

6. Manchild said...

45 is going down

7. RobertBrown said...

Thanks for the shout out!

8. Leigh said...

I don't feel sorry for McCabe. There are consequences for bad behavior

9. Long Time Listener said...

Trump's meltdowns are scary for us.He is going to do something to distract from these hookers.

10. Randolph said...

Eric is correct.Melania ain't going nowhere.She can wait him out.

11. Curious said...

Why do you allow that racist on your show?

12. Marvin said...

First time seeing your show on Twitter.Love the set and camera angles.We need this show .Sick of the crazy conservative nut jobs

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