Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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45 wants our teachers to be armed. Armed with what… AR-15s, like the Florida shooter? The NRA won’t have it any other way!!! While this is happening, Republicans are declaring war on the courts, 45 took the first steps toward stricter work requirements for food stamps, the FCC’s vote repealing net neutrality is finally official and lastly, sagging pants in public may become illegal.
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1. Grace said...

Great show Tanya.Hope you will get a chance to include net neutrality next week.Was looking forward to it.

2. Tonia said...

Van was full of himself

3. Long Time Listener in Richmond said...

Banning future sales of AR 15s will not be enough.How about raising the cost of ammunition?

4. Candace said...

Would you possibly the question whether teachers should be armed.I know you touched on it,but would like to see your panelists and listeners would respond.I am a teacher and am on the fence about the teachers that would volunteer.Thanks Tanya.Love your show

5. Brandon said...

There are instances when armed school personnel is apprpriate

6. Trudy said...

I am sick of this circus of 45 and his clowns.Impeach Him!

7. Catherine said...

I follow you on fb and ig and had the pleasure of meeting you at the Choice 105.3 celebration. Congratulations to you,your husband and team.You represent Richmond in a positive light across the nation.Proud of you and that you are not afraid to give Jesus the credit for your success.

8. Janice said...

Recognized you at Havana 59.Doc Henderson is a good man.BTW,you looked amazing
loved the hair and your day as a model on Facebook.You were all that this past weekend.Keep it going!

9. Donna said...

You looked great werkin dat runway.Lydia must be da bomb.You should change your pics on social media and show the new you! Love you and all you do in the community

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