Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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The GOP and  45  have touted the new tax bill as the best thing since sliced bread. While we know that we will receive a few extra dollars on our paychecks, how else will our lives be affected by this bill. Let’s talk about it and continue our conversation from last week on the relevancy of Black History Month and whether you would change your race for a day if you could. 
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1. Kevin said...

Black is the only way to be.

2. Tonia said...

We are in dangerous times.

3. RobertBrown said...

Being Black is more than pigmentation.All skinfolk aint kinfolk

4. Grace said...

The story about the school and the Malcolm X shirt is disturbing on so many levels.His parents should take this all the way to the Supreme Court

5. Thomas said...

You asked about where are the Democrats? Sitting back while the Republicans blow up the GOP

6. Long Time Listener said...

I am looking Marcus Johnson up on Amazon. And I am not a jazz lover.

7. Long Time Listener in Memphis said...

Scotty is on point

8. Curious said...

Why should my tax dollars go to providing food for people who refuse to work

9. Lawrence said...

When will congress address gun violence?

10. Long Time Listener said...

Love that DC flow of Marcus Johnson.

11. Margaret said...

Thank you for your words last night .7 is the number for completion.Continued blessings for your show.I will be listening Wednesday.Pastor speaks so highly of you and your husband.

12. Ronald said...

Congrats to you and 105.3

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