Monday, February 12, 2018

What's Your Take?

One of our faithful listeners, Grace commented on my blog that our show made her “Proud to Be Black”. Thanks Grace for listening and your support. Grace’s comment prompted this week’s question.What is your ethnicity and what are you most proud of about it?

What’s Your Take? Would change your race for a day if you could?




1. Cameron said...

I would for a day to see how it feels to walk through Nordstrom's without being followed by

2. Jesse said...

No Way. Black is where and what I am. I am proud to be a member of a race of people that continue to overcome obstacls

3. Anderson said...

I am White and love who I am because it is who I am.I would change for a day because I could never understand what it means to be Black.

4. McGee said...

If you’d asked me to pick before I was born and I was just looking at the different advantages and disadvantages of belonging to different races, I would have picked white,

5. ManChild said...

I like the face I see in the mirror. I love the fact that I’m my mom’s child. I love the fact that I can meet any black male in the country and do the head nod thing. Plus, I can more easily understand and relate to the concept of oppression.

6. Tonya said...

Being White for a day with my knowledge and perspective would be difficult.I don't think I could like myself as a White person

7. Thomas said...

Yes,in a heartbeat.I would embrace some of that White privilege.

8. Long Time Listener in Memphis said...

A lot of people would never admit it,but curiosity would have most of us try it.

9. Curious said...

Why not?

10. Queen said...

Does admitting that I would change for a day mean that I hate myself?

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