Monday, January 15, 2018

MLK Day 2018


1. Long Time Listener said...

What would Dr King think about our status today?Did we get too comfortable after integration?Did we become complacent?Did we take our eyes off the prize?

2. Jesse said...

Dr.King would be ashamed of the Paris Denards and other Blacks that stood behind Trump as he read a proclamation honoring Dr.King.Why do we sell ourselves out?

3. Cameron said...

We did in many ways took our eyes off the prize as many of our lives got better.We thought racism was on the so much on the decline that we could elect a Black president.We have mad gains,but so have the closet racists that have come out of the closet to take us back to the 1950s.They won't win as long as we vote these racists out and stop supporting businesses and individuals that don't support us.

4. Leonard said...

Do nonviolent protests work in 2018?

5. Connie said...

I believe that peaceful protest is the most effective way to protest. When it comes down to it all the people who were the most known for protesting like MLK , Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. None of these leaders used violence. They used their words and knowledge and got their point across and changed the world.

6. Connie said...

Violence causes tension. Whether one side "wins" there will never be justice. Hurting people causes mental and physical damage. By talking things out peacefully we will come to a peaceful agreement eventually. Dr. MLK never used violence even once and as you can see he made a world changing impact.

7. Manchild said...

By any mean necessary

8. Tonia said...

Thank you Tanya for keeping the conversation on what needs to be done.We know 45 is a mentally deficient racist playing to his base.Being shocked by his words are a distraction

9. Grace said...

Here is how we can live life with a purpose!
honoring Dr. M. L. King, Jr.
Perform 50 random acts of kindness between now and
April 4, 2018!!!

10. Benjamin said...

Looking forward to this week's show. Hot cocoa and hot conversation on a snow day.

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