Sunday, September 24, 2017

Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt?

The ACLU is suing Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of a same sex couple of 11 years who wanted to adopt but were turned away based on their sexual orientation. Several private agencies hired by the state to provide adoptive services reportedly bar prospective families based on their religious objection.

What's your take? Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt?


1. Darren said...

Why not? There are so many children in need of a loving home

2. Grace said...

I didn't know this was still an issue after marriage equality.Those agencies do not have the right to discriminate

3. Curious said...

Children need a mother AND Father,not two mothers

4. Tariq said...

No I don't.

5. Justin said...

Who cares?Why are you not talking about Racist ass Trump calling the mother's of Black NFL bitches?Why not give the NFL credit when do.The players,coaches and owners stood up to Trump and against racism.Steelers didn't even come on the field

6. Tom said...

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. – Jim Rohn #quote

7. Kev said...

Black player's mother's are bitches and white supremacist are good people

8. Long Time Listener said...

Did Trump call Tom Brady a son of a bitch when he skipped a White House dinner?

9. Curious said...

I will say it again. Get over it. Hillary lost

10. Susan said...

My first time

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