Sunday, August 06, 2017

Family Values

A man in Houston built a 20,000 square foot estate for himself, his three sisters, their families and friends. Retiree Reggie Van Lee is a family man and built the family compound to make memories together. The estate includes private living quarters with its own master bedroom with two additional bedrooms each with their own separate bathroom.

Each private living quarter has its own kitchen in addition to the huge kitchen in the main house. There is a hair salon for his sisters, a pool for the grandchildren and a small chapel on the estate. Each family member contributes to the utilities, food and the upkeep. Mr. Van Lee encourages other families to do the same.

What’s your take? Do you spend quality time with your family on a daily basis? Could you live with extended family and friends?


1. Long Time Listener said...

Sorry Tanya,I can't live in the same state with most of my family.I have two grown ass kids still in my house now.

2. Jesse said...

Immediate family YES

3. Curious said...

Who could afford this?

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