Monday, June 12, 2017

We want to hear YOUR story!

Several African Americans encountered a tirade in Chicago recently including racial slurs and violence. A 23 year old white man reportedly punched and spit on an African American man and woman and can be heard on tape screaming “Shut up slave! Do not talk to me” He then went on to compare the man to livestock and suggested that he should be tagged with a bar code with his Social Security number.

What’s your take? Have you ever been the victim of racial slurs by an individual of another race? If so, we would like to hear your story.

Post your comment here  or leave your story on our hotline (844) 321-1010.


1. anonymous said...

I was in line at Walmart and allowed a young sister with two small children to go before me. An elderly White woman was appalled and began to berate me for not offering to let her go first.And the problem is I need to know my place.

2. Justin said...

How about riding in Mechanicsville Va and being passed by a truck of Yahoo's calling us Niggers and Go back to Africa.

3. ???? said...

All y'all say nigger.Why we can't.

4. Long Time Listener said...

How about being stopped 3 times this year for driving an Escalade while Black in Memphis

5. Duncan said...

Chicago is one of the most segregated cities in America.That's why I text

6. ManChild said...

Looking forward to you talking about racism we face.I think it has more to do with Obama.These bigots could not stand to see that Black man in the White House.45 is just a symptom.Dont give him credit please.IMHO

7. Jesse said...

Truck stops are the worst.I am sick of MAGA hats and having Fox news on the TVs.

8. Kyle said...

I saw some White folk at the convenience store ridicule a store clerk about his difficulty with English.And they laid the money on the.counter rather than touch his hand.

9. Long Time Listener said...

Did you hear that 45 is considering firing Mueller? And he had a cabinet meeting where everyone around the table had to praise him.What in the hell?

10. Jill said...

American University officials are investigating after bananas hanging by string in the shape of nooses were found on the Washington DC campus over the weekend.

The bananas were marked the letters “AKA,” which is the abbreviation for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

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