Monday, May 22, 2017

What's Your Take?

 A Yale University dean has been placed on suspension for controversial remarks made on her personal Yelp reviews of local businesses. The dean made offensive remarks regarding local businesses and customers including referring to customers at one restaurant as “white trash”. Some would say the dean was exercising her freedom of speech.  

What’s your take? Was the suspension appropriate? Should her remarks be protected under the First Amendment?  


1. Curious said...

No, Political correctness gone amuck

2. Dwayne said...

Yes because her views will affect her opinion and treatment of students.

3. Jesse said...

Wonder what she would have said about a soul food joint?

4. Long Time Listener said...

Yes,hate Speech should not be protected.By the way,thank you for posting questions for consideration on FACEBOOK.I look forward to the conversation on integration.And thank you for allowing us to voice our opinion.There is so much junk on FACEBOOk,its good to see intelligent Real Talk.I hope you do more of these.We need to understand US before we can understand those that work against us

5. Cindy aka Tanya Free Fan said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on your success.I have been listening since the days of William and Benita.Thank you for not just dealing with 45 but having meaningful conversations that are not anyone else's show.I am impressed with the conversation about integration that you started two days ago.Thoughtful and relevant.Black people need to rise and work together to resist this administration.Will be tuned in and watching.The Ustream is great.I not only look forward to the conversation,but love your sense of fashion and Mr. Free's music mixes.You guys are the total package.Waiting for that Tanya Free clothes and shoe line!

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