Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tanya Free and Friends Rewind


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We are taking a break this week. Catch a rebroadcast of our April 12th show featuring my friends Marty,Uncle Moe,Brother Omar and Norman Deal with the Real TODAY on the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show 2pm eastern /1pm central



1. Mark said...

Sorry you guys are not in to break down this Comey mess

2. Tristin said...

Comey deserved to be fired last year.He is only being fired because Trump thinks Comey is a wild card

3. Jesse said...

Hope you guys are back next week to make sense of this ongoing crazy in Washington.

4. Cameron said...

45 raises all this hell and then plans to take his iggnant azz to Europe

5. Luice Cannon said...

Don't make the mistake that Trump is ignorant
Check his history.He may not be a student of American political history ,but he knows how to manipulate the media and his opponents.He controls the narrative and the millions that think he is God.Dont sleep and don't depend on CNN.They are making money every time Trump opens his mouth
Trump idolizes dictatorships.We need to get control of the Congress.We can forget impeachment or a special prosecutor.Dems don't have the votes.

6. Did you know​? said...

A couple of days ago, an Arkansan flipped out when his girlfriend broke up with him. He sped away to his house to get his gun and on the way back to her house, he was pulled over, so he shot and killed the cop. When he got to his girlfriend's house, he shot and killed her mother and her 17 year-old daughter and held the girlfriend hostage for several hours before surrendering to the police. How does anyone survive seeing their mom and daughter executed in front of them?

According to the CDC, there are around 2.5 million acts of domestic violence against women in the US each and every year. Murder is the leading cause of death in pregnant women in the US, with the baby's father as the killer in around 98% of the cases.

This is what goes through my mind every time I see brainwashed Americans going on about violence against women in the Muslim world. I've often seen that sentiment used as justification for the US War of Terror against Muslim countries.

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