Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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It’s been 26 years since Rodney King was arrested and brutally beaten by law enforcement in LA. Truth be told, what’s changed? Let’s talk about Terrill Thomas, whose death from dehydration in the Milwaukee County jail deserves far more media attention. Likewise, what’s going with the water situation in Flint?


1. Scotty said...

Tanya Free, Why are some of still analyzing Barack Obama's climb up the political ladder? The same reason we study and analyze all political figures and how they play the masses to rise up the ladder. I do the same sort of analysis of white politicians like Trump's affinity for Andrew Jackson and his legacy. Perhaps some people have sacred cows, but I am not one of them. If people do not wish to have their lives and decisions picked apart in order to understand their policy positions and politics, then they should stay out of politics and the public eye.

When you put yourself out there, you are fair game.

2. Scotty said...

Obama is not out of politics, he is still a Democratic Party boss involved in their political policies just like Bill Clinton has been sense being out of office.

Considering that Reagan, Bush, Bush and Clinton and Clinton were criticized for taking corporate checks, I do not see how it is racism when Obama faces the same criticism.

I think some of us are just hyper sensitive when it comes Dear Obama, we have a blind spot.

3. Jesse said...

I am hyper sensitive to overcome the insensitivity of White Republicans

4. Tonia said...

Another Power panel today.Marty and Bill always bring it

5. Cameron said...

Music cuts were DOPE today!

6. Kevin said...

Trump loves tyrants like Andrew Jackson,Putin and Lil Kim. What does that say about how he feels about us?

7. Grace said...

Open season on Black folk by cops

8. Doug said...

Scotty is correct. I have a blind spot for Obama.The same blind spot white cops have for black men

9. Long Time Listener said...

I agree with Scotty.Obama deserves the same scrutiny as Bush and Trump

10. ManChild said...

This Obama stuff is crazy.So,he had a White girlfriend.So what?

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