Friday, April 14, 2017

North Korea 'on the brink of war' as U.S. ships aproach

North Korea says the U.S. is pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula 'to the brink of war' as an American naval fleet nears the region. As Pyongyang prepares for a huge celebration on Saturday, the world watches on to see if a nuclear test could be imminent.



1. Christian said...

Can we just have one day without some type of crisis from this President.While we talk of war,he quietly signed the Planned Parenthood bill eliminating medical services for women across the country.Let's be clear no federal dollars have been used to pay for abortions.The government contracts were for for OBGYNs and pregnancy planning.

2. Benjamin said...

Kin Jon Un is a maniac and so is Trump

3. Brent said...

War is not the answer

4. Jesse said...

Russia, North Korea and Afghanistan all at once

5. Curious said...

Why does it bother you that he is doing what he said he would do."Bomb the hell out of ISIS"

6. Dennis said...

North Korea has been testing missiles for years.Why is this now a provocation to the US requiring this type of response?

7. Long Time Listener said...

Maybe Trump's plan worked. No missile launches by Kim Jon (yet)

8. Long Time Listener said...

Ok,I was wrong.Lil Kim will not give up

9. Jesse said...

Reports indicate China intervened and told Lil Kim to back down and not to launch a nuclear weapon

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