Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Foot In Mouth Disease?


1. Jesse said...

This guy is an idiot

2. John said...

He upset the Jews in the middle of Passover? His days are numbered

3. Doug said...

Is he going to apologize for all of the other dumb stuff he has said.

4. Long Time Listener said...

He is heading to the corner with Bannon and Kellyanne

5. Louis said...

Hitler put Jews in ovens and gassed them.How can he insinuate that Hitler was not as bad.What the Hell?I guess slavery was ok because Blacks had full employment

6. Mark said...

I subscribe to your feed because you are always on it. When is your show going 5 days?

An apology from Spicer is not enough

7. Cameron said...

Not only insensitive,it is factually incorrect.

8. Paul said...

He is so used to making stuff up

9. Vic said...

Hitler gassed over 6 million Jews

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