Monday, April 10, 2017

Have You Considered Leaving The Country?

Concerned about the future of the country after the election of our 45th President, some Americans reportedly have left the country or are considering leaving. In one article, one of those citizens stated ““I can no longer live here, nor sleep with this evil man as our leader.” Many might say that the first 100 days have been a rather wild ride. Moments after taking office, the 45th President signed an executive order aimed at reversing the Affordable Care Act, followed by a health care proposal that would leave approximately 24million people without health coverage.

Then there’s the Executive Order banning travel from seven Muslim majority countries. Cabinet appointments of Betty DeVos Secretary of Education, Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy have made many Americans uneasy about the next four years and beyond. The Syrian attacks, North Korea threats, Russia investigation, fake news, alternative facts, and the unsubstantiated claims against President Obama have only contributed to the fallout.

What’s your Take? Have you ever considered leaving the country? What would it take for you to leave the United States? Where would you go?


1. Wayne said...

We have survived slavery,Jim Crow,Nixon,and 2 Bushes. We can make it though this. I ain't going nowhere

2. Kaye said...

We have many issues in this country,but we are far better off than any other country.Trump is just a bump in the road.

3. Curious said...

I am going wherever Brother X is going

4. Brandon said...

R U Serious?

5. Nina said...

Why would I. The grass always looks greener on the other side

6. Barry said...

I would move out of your home state of Virginia if Republican Corey Stewart is elected governor.Did you hear his opinion on the Confederate Flag and taking the State back?

7. Grace said...

I would not know where to go.Most of us will never know what our roots really are.I am committed to making this country better.Looking forward to this week's show.A lot of great topics.I know you have pulled out that spring wardrobe.I am calling the Tanya Free clothing line into existence.Love your fashion.( Don't forget plus sizes for old ladies like The weather is perfect! have a blessed day.

8. Long Time Listener said...

Grace is on point.I still wear my Tanya Free T shirt I won at your day party in Richmond a few years back. Hope you have another one.Count on me!

9. Tonia said...

Sick of Spicer and his boss.Let me get in on the clothing line. Your shoes are da bomb.I love watching the show and can't wait for the spring outfits.Colors look great on you.

10. ManChild said...

The ADL should demand his firing

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