Sunday, April 09, 2017

Would You Patronize A Child - Free Restaurant?

There are a growing number of businesses that have made the decision to limit and in some cases prohibit children. Some restaurants have instituted a ban prohibiting children 5 years old and younger as a result of rowdy and out of control behaviors disturbing their patrons. The ban has received both criticism and support.

What your take? How do you feel about children free businesses? Would you patronize a child –free restaurant?


1. ManChild said...

Yes and adult only movies too.Can't stand being around bad ass kids.Sorry.Please don't judge me LOL

2. Long Time Listener said...

Sorry all kids have to be excluded due to a select few.I understand .Yes I would

3. Grace said...

Many restaurants have rules like dress codes.So,I don't have a problem with it.Retail businesses are a little different. I would not support retail stores that excluded children.Happy Monday Tanya,its a beautiful day in Richmond.

4. Jesse said...

It may just be me,but what is next? No Blacks,No Gays,No Jews?

5. Mitchell said...


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