Saturday, April 08, 2017

Trouble In Paradise?


1. Jim said...

President Banner is

2. Jesse said...

This happens when you have a bunch of inexperienced people in charge of the country

3. Long Time Listener said...

Recipe for disaster.Has anyone detailed a strategy for Syria?

4. Tonia said...

And is it True that Jeff Sessions is going to back off investigating Baltimore police?He said the justice department was giving police a bad name.Heard it on AM JOY

5. Long Time Listener said...

Now Russia is bombing anti Syrian government targets.And Trump just ordered a strike carrier to North Korea.Look what this President has gotten us into.He is looking for war.

6. Thomas said...

All of Obama's progress in cleaning up racist police departments is going up in smoke.Look for more abuse and police shootings in our inner cities this summer

7. ManChild said...

Saw your post on FB.Straight up racists.This is what they do behind the scenes.Thanks for putting this out there. Didn't know

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