Saturday, March 25, 2017

Clarence "Bucky" McGill


Check out this article from Richmond Magazine about my Friend Clarence!

Clarence “Bucky” McGill is a big man. At 6 foot 4 inches and 290 pounds, you don’t miss him in a crowd. He is also loud, imposing and opinionated.
As a recurring guest on WCLM’s Tanya Free radio show, McGill is an ace at pushing people to their limits and holding them accountable for their statements. During the Oct. 26 broadcast of the show, he was the lone voice insisting that Donald Trump would be elected president “whether we liked it or not.” The phone lines lit up with listeners who disagreed. Instead of forecasting doom, McGill immediately began offering suggestions on how America can better govern itself by working together and challenging our youth.
Check out the rest of the article HERE


1. Long Time Listener said...


2. Long Time Listener said...

So we can blame him for 45???

3. Grace said...

Well deserved recognition

4. Jesse said...

Big,loud, imposing, opinionated and unapologetically BLACK!

5. Jackie said...

History Maker

6. Barry said...

Never knew of the Syracuse 8 before hearing it on your show.Thanks for showing how the sacrifices of a few can benefit the masses.Mr. McGill and you inspire me to be a better me.I pray that you both continue in the struggle. In times like these we need those like you that are not afraid to speak truth to power.

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