Sunday, March 12, 2017

Have you experienced any increased racial tension since the candidacy and presidency of our 45th President?

There has been a rise in hate crimes under the current President’s administration according to sources. Reportedly, there have been hundreds of hate crimes against Muslims, African Americans, the Jewish community and the LGBT community. Civil rights groups are calling for the 45th President of the United States to take a firm stand against the rise of hate crimes sweeping the country.

What’s Your Take? Have you experienced an uptick of racial incidents since the candidacy and presidency of our 45th President? If so, give us a call Wednesday 2pm eastern on the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show. You can also leave your comment at (844) 321 1010. We will air as many as possible.


1. Junior said...

Why do you equate LGBT with being Black?

2. Leon said...

Must have been a sale on Confederate Flags in Richmond.Sign of the times

3. Long Time Listener said...

My surname is Muhammad.My Father was Muslim.I am a Christian but am constantly judged by others based on my name.

4. Whitney said...

Every TV in every truck stop in South Carolina is tuned to FOX.And the Redneck truckers are relishing in their new president

5. Dean said...

Real Talk

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