Monday, January 09, 2017

Should The ACA Be Repealed?

The Affordable Care Act appears to be on the chopping block fulfilling a Republican promise to repeal and replace. Viewing Obamacare as a disaster, repealing it will be the first order of business according to Vice President -Elect Pence even though Republicans disagree on what a replacement health care program would look like.

What’s your take? Do you support the repeal of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act known as “Obamacare”?


1. Jesse said...

The ACA should be improved,not repealed.I would like to see a single payer.

2. Long Time Listener said...

No to repeal,adjustments yes.Buying across state lines.All of the tweaks that Obama wanted but Congress blocked

3. Curious said...

It is broken,yes it should be repealed and replaced.

4. Louis said...

Republicans have no idea what to do.All while Trump is denying that he mocked a reporter with disabilities and that the Russians hacked the USA

5. Mark said...

Tweaked to make it more affordable for those that don't qualify for a stipend.

6. Devin said...

20 million people want improvements not repeal.

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