Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show


We are winding up our Holiday Break today.Check out an encore presentation of My Friend Chocolate Chip's "Stroll Down Memory Lane" from last year. We look forward to our return LIVE next week! Stay in touch with us on or text Tanya Free to 63975 to share a comment or suggest a topic for the show 24/7.Until next week, Be Free and Remember to Live Life With A Purpose!


The Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show is heard on WCLM1450AM in Central Virginia,WMXP 95.5 FM in Greenville ,SC,AMFM 247Network Nationwide and The New Orleans Talk Network and May We Help You Radio Network. streaming on,Black Talk Radio Network and out the Listen page on for times and schedules for repeat broadcasts.




1. Cameron said...

Was so looking forward to you guys today.

2. Grace said...

Damn,Chocolate Chip always knows what songs to play.Have not heard Miles Jaye in years.I miss real DJ's on the radio.

3. Tonia said...

Stephanie Mills and Teddy Pendergrass! I am feeling the Fire.Tanya,why are you letting him do this in the middle of the day? lol

4. Curious said...

Are a talk show or soul music show?

5. Long Time Listener said...

I had no idea you were on so many stations until I heard the DJ list them.I only hear you talk about Richmond.Congratulations

6. Barry said...

Waiting on you guys to.come back.Trump is quoting and referencing Julian Assange as an authority on homeland security.

7. Cameron said...

Are you back this week? What do think about Kim Burrell and her homophobic comments.

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