Sunday, December 04, 2016

Do you support a presidential election recount?

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is pursuing efforts for a presidential recount. Efforts are underway in Wisconsin where Trump reportedly defeated Clinton by 1 point. President elect Trump has filed a law suit to stop a recount in Michigan and a hearing is scheduled to secure a court order for Pennsylvania. The effort is estimated to cost over 9 million dollars.

What’s your take? Do you support a presidential election recount?


1. Long Time Listener said...

Waste of time and money

2. Trudy said...

Trudy.agree with Long Time Listener.I am concerned about the "fake news " story in DC
These dumb bigots are out of control

3. Dennis said...

A nearly all-white jury in the Walter Scott case was unable to come to a unanimous decision, leading the judge to declare a mistrial. This means that former police officer, Michael Slager, was able to walk free from his murder charges, even though there is video evidence of Slager shooting Walter Scott 5 times in the back while Scott was running away. The video evidence also showed Slager placing a taser next to Scott’s body after he was killed.

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