Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do you support a ban on the manufacture, sales and possession of semi-automatic guns?

A recent poll has revealed the fewest Americans in 20 years favor making it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles.

What’s Your Take? Do you support a ban on the manufacture, sales and possession of semi-automatic guns?


1. Jeffrey said...

Yes,and I have not heard it discussed during the campaign.Everyone is afraid of the NRA

2. James said...

Who in the hell are they polling?These guns have no purpose other than mass destruction

3. Travis said...

If you look at the history of the writing of the Constitution, it is quite clear that the founding fathers meant for the citizenry to be armed with the very same weaponry as government had.

4. Curious said...

You asked,I thought I would share;You need an assault weapon—

1. to help continue the American tradition of citizen/soldier.
2. for recreation.
3. to collect military small arms.
4. to get quick extra shots at more game while hunting.
5. to get quick extra shots at the same game while hunting.
6. for more fun plinking.
7. to defend yourself against a street gang.
8. to defend yourself against mob violence.
9. to defend yourself against looters.
10. to shoot in a Civilian Marksmanship Program competition.
11. to shoot in an “Action Rifle” or “Practical Rifle” target match.
12. to assist the police in an emergency (e.g. 1966 Texas Tower Sniper incident, citizens assisted with M1’s).
13. to help defend the country from a foreign invasion.
14. to help defend the country from an internal takeover.
15. to help the firearms industry remain economically strong.
16. to pay the federal tax on guns that goes to aid wildlife.
17. to encourage further research into new firearm technology.
18. to save time while shooting.
19. to have increased reliability in functioning.
20. to have a longer lasting firearm.
21. to have a less costly/ more affordable firearm.
22. to have an easier to manufacture firearm.
23. to have an easier to repair firearm.
24. to have an easier to take apart and clean firearm.
25. to have a more versatile firearm.
26. to own a highly weather resistant firearm.
27. to appreciate the evolution of firearm technology.
28. to defend your business.
29. to defend your home.
30. to defend your boat.
31. to defend your camp.
32. to defend your ranch.
33. to defend your farm.
34. to defend your family.
35. to have reduced recoil when shooting.
36. as an investment.
37. as a military souvenir.
38. as a hedge against inflation.
39. because criminals statistically prefer revolvers over all other firearms.
40. to have a more psychologically intimidating firearm. (often the mere presence of a firearm will stop a crime)
41. to own a firearm least likely to be used in a crime. (less than 1% are assault firearms.)
42. to own a firearm which purposely functions slower than other firearms thereby reducing recoil. (e.g. Remington 1100.)
43. to own a firearm used in Olympic competition.
44. to appreciate the mechanical genius of firearm designers.
45. to have a firearm which uses external magazines.
46. to shoot at the National Matches at Camp Perry.
47. to reject anti-gun bias.
48. to challenge “Big Brotherism”.
49. to protect yourself against a pack of feral dogs.
50. to own a firearm better for the physically handicapped.
51. to save all firearms by not giving in to “salami” tactics.
52. to do trick shooting (e.g. multiple aerial targets).
53. to shoot military ammunition. (Inexpensive surplus)
54. to be part of an armed populous, creating a tactical disadvantage for any potential enemies.
55. to familiarize yourself with your country’s military rifle.
56. to familiarize yourself with a foreign country’s military rifle.
57. because they are interesting.
58. to hang on your wall.
59. to shoot clay targets.
60. to shoot paper targets.
61. to shoot Metallic Silhouettes.
62. to exercise your constitutional rights.
63. to exercise a natural right.
64. to exercise a civil right.
65. to exercise a fundamental right.
66. to exercise an inalienable right.
67. to exercise a human right.
68. to defend yourself after a New York City-type blackout.
69. to defend yourself against a Miami-type riot.
70. to defend yourself after a St. Croix-type hurricane in which both officers and escaped prisoners have run amok.
71. to avoid a “Tiananmen Square” in the U.S.
72. to own a firearm in common use and therefore protected under the Heller decision.
73. to protect livestock from predators.
74. to show support for political ideals of the founding fathers.
75. to own a firearm designed to wound rather than kill (according to the Dir. Of the Wound Ballistics Laboratory).
76. to own a firearm not readily convertible to full automatic.
77. to own a firearm with that “shoulder thingy that goes up.”
78. to own a “state-of-the-art” firearm (e.g. FN SCAR).
79. to own a “turn-of-the-century” firearm (e.g. Borchardt).
80. which is more pleasant to shoot (lighter and less recoil).
81. because all of your other firearms will be banned next.
82. to own a firearm which is difficult to conceal.
83. to own a firearm which the media glamorizes.
84. to own a firearm which might be banned.
85. to own a firearm which is banned.
86. to own a firearm that is no frills and practical in design.
87. to own on of the most mechanically-safe firearms. (e.g. Uzi).
88. to own a firearm that is a “work of art”.
89. to own a Valmet M-76 which the BATF says has no sporting use.
90. to own a Valmet Hunter which the BATF says has sporting use.
91. to own a firearm that made history (e.g. M-1 Carbine).
92. to shoot a firearm that made history.
93. to own a firearm that can be dropped and still function.
94. to own a firearm that can be coated in mud and still function.
95. to own a firearm that can be dunked in water and function.
96. to own a firearm that can be frozen solid and still function.
97. to own a firearm that can be buried in sand and still function.
98. to be a prepared member of the unorganized militia as defined in the US Code (10 US Code Sect. 311 (a)).
99. to distinguish between an object and its misuse.
100.because you believe in freedom.
101.if YOU say you need one. In America, an individual’s need should not be determined by the state. There are approximately 100 million firearm owners in the country. That’s 100 million more reasons for owning any firearm.

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5. Justin said...

You talked last week about a Black Agenda.This should be on the list.The proliferation of guns is ruining our communities.Thanks for bringing back into the discussion.We are being distracted by Hillary's damn emails.

6. Canada said...

With the rise of mass shootings and terrorism, people need to be prepared for the unexpected. During the North Hollywood shootout, many died because they did not have higher firepower to deal with and armored man with an AK style rifle. Police need minutes to respond, but if you are prepared, you can save your family, and even some officers from harm.

7. Diane said...

I do not think that people need assault weapons. They cause more harm than good and are far from a necessity. There are other resources and ways for people to hunt or defend themselves without assault weapons. Guns are a luxury item and really aren't needed for people to survive

8. ManChild said...

No one NEEDS an ASSAULT weapon.

If you think that you NEED an assault weapon, you probably shouldn't have one. The only thing you can do with an assault weapon is KILL. If you go out into an field and shoot cardboard targets with a military grade killing machine, you either need a hobby or mental help.

9. Damon said...

Ban assault weapons,require background checks and legalize weed.We will have fewer killings and less incarceration in our Black communities

10. Janice said...

Yes, we need a ban.

11. Ryan said...

The two strongest reasons for civilians to own assault weapons are self-defense and defense against tyranny.

12. Michael said...


13. Patriot said...

If the bad guys have them,I want them too.

14. Jesse said...

The NRA right wing nut jobs are in full force today! lol.Yes ,we need a ban .These are issues we need to talk about instead of some damn emails.

15. Drake said...

No one needs this type of firepower.The founding fathers did not have this in mind when the second amendment was adopted.Saw you on FACEBOOK live. Great show!

16. Rodney Smith said...

No I do not support a ban on the manufacture, sales and possession of semi-automatic guns. Other than for political reasons I do not see why anyone would support it

17. Jesse said...

To Rodney,what about safety and common sense? Why should that be politicized?

18. Junior said...

Why would anyone other than military or police need this type of firepower?

19. Cameron said...

I support a ban.Proliferation of guns and the school to prison pipeline is threatening the existence of young Black males

20. Long Time Listener said...

Thanks for continuing to keep real issues on the forefront.Mainstream media only talks about gun control after a mass shooting.I am sick of round the clock coverage of Hillary's emails and how many women Donald has groped.Love the show

21. Andrew said...


22. Nuance said...

WTH????The FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server knew early this month that messages recovered in a separate probe might be germane to their case, but they waited weeks before briefing the FBI director, according to people familiar with the case.

23. Tonia said...

Seems like you touched a nerve.We know that the gun lobby has all of the Republicans and some of the Democrats on lockdown.

24. Howie said...

Does this same hold true for semi-automatic handguns used in the majority of crimes?

25. Howie said...

I do agree that assault rifles should be banned

26. Craig said...

Brother Raymond is the type that will spend the next four years complaining and talking about taking it to the streets.And then what? Perfect question about whether he was inciting violence.If so he would end up just another DEAD BLACK MAN!

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