Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show


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Deborah Danner; a 66 year old African American woman was fatally shot by a NYPD officer last week. Did I mention she was 66 years old? After three presidential debates, many people are still undecided voters. Really? Have you seen the petition launched to get Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas into the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture?


1. Trudy said...

Put trump and clarence thomas in the same damn broom closet

2. Shana said...

Saw you on Facebook Live. Will check out the show tonight

3. Jackson said...

Did you banish the Republicans from the panel? Now everybody is on the same page just like MSNBC and Fox News

4. Tonia said...

Great show.I am on the fence with Clarence Thomas

5. Damon said...

They just trashed Trump's star on the walk of fame

6. Raymond said...

President Clinton? C'Mon man!

7. Bradley Jones said...

We don't need a leader,we need leaders.

8. Cameron said...

Glad to see you guys on Facebook Live.

9. RobertBrown said...

Good discussion on Clarence Thomas

10. Brett said...

Thanks for your support of Jack Berry!

11. Casper said...

Thanks for explaining the right to work amendment from the VA ballot

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