Sunday, August 28, 2016

Should Ray Rice get a second chance in the NFL?

Are you ready for some football? Former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice has reportedly pledged to donate his entire salary for 2016 to domestic violence prevention programs if given a second chance in the NFL.

What's your take? Should Ray Rice get a second chance in the NFL?


1. James said...

He has paid his price and should be allowed to play

2. Terrence said...

Why not?

3. Lawrence said...

He should and probably won't and Colin Kaepernick will be sitting at home soon for not standing for the national anthem

4. Curious said...

He lost the right to play when he dragged his wife out of that elevator

5. Bryant said...

What do you think Tanya? I think Rice should play and Kaepernick should be benched for disrespecting his country

6. Kevin said...


7. Chris said...

He deserved a training camp invite

8. Kester said...

Of course he should be given a chance, and as for Kaeperknick, he was benched for his poor performance LONG before this issue

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