Thursday, August 18, 2016

Debate flares after black college students seek a non-white roommate

Three African American college roommates in Southern California have sparked a debate over their specific search for a fourth roommate that was  “POC” only, a common abbreviation for people of color. Their college is reportedly 48% White, 15% Hispanic and 5% African American.

What’s your take? Is this a case of reverse racism?


1. Tom said...

It is wrong

2. Boyd said...

We would complain if it was the other way.

3. ManChild said...

I don't have a problem with it

4. Jesse said...

Not reverse racism.I understand that many of its just feel more comfortable around people like us.

5. Curious said...

Double Standards

6. Linda said...

Tanya,lets be real.Would you be OK with a White roommate back at college?I had enough issues with my Black one.

7. Ronald said...

Cannot be justified either way IMHO

8. RobertBrown said...

I understand even though it is not right.We should forgive but never forget.Have you ever seen a White person advertise for a Black person?

9. Trey said...

This is not OK

10. Bryant said...

It's their right

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