Monday, July 25, 2016

Can Trump Win In November?

The stage is now set, Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America.

What’s Your Take? Can Donald Trump win in November?


1. Louis said...

He could,but I believe highly unlikely.It is still early. Let's wait until the debates/

2. Chyna said...

No, the media has to pretend that it will be close.All about the ratings

3. Jean said...

Uhhhhhh yeah,if we sit home in November

4. Damon said...

This so called lead is just a normal convention bump.Not impressed

5. Jesse said...

Can he win?Yes Will he win,NO

6. Georgia said...

Trumps campaign of appealing to the least common denominator will not prevail in November.

7. Willie said...

Six months ago, I would have said no,now I will just say we have to go out and vote and take nothing for granted.

8. Barry said...

He can and will if the DNC does not get their act together

9. Scotty+Reid said...

Given Hillary Clinton lied to the public for over a year about her email, the fact that she was treated like she was above the law by the DOJ and the fact that the DNC rigged the process to choose a nominee as exposed in the Wikileaks, all of this has alienated progressive voters and independents. They may stay home or they may vote Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. They may write in Sander's name.

Trump has an energized base who are likely to turn out in big numbers.

The only way I see Clinton winning in November is the same way she "won" the Democratic nomination and the same way Bush won the election in 2000, more election rigging.

10. RobertBrown said...

with all due respect Scotty,Stein and Johnson are wasted votes to me.Hillary is not my first choice and my vote for her will be a NO Vote for the Donald

11. Lawrence said...

NO,elections are all rigged and Trump does not have the political clout to defeat a Clinton

12. Debra said...

He will win and we will sit back and complain that it ain't right.Ask Al Gore

13. Jordan said...


14. Johnson said...

No way,dont believe the hype

15. Scotty+Reid said...

With all due respect Mr. Brown, the votes are only wasted if they are not cast.

People are tired of the two party duopoly and when I voted for Johnson in 2012, it was my intent to help Libetarians get a foothold in my state and they did and are running candidates for state offices and federal.

I intend to help the Green Party this year do the same.

It is as they say, insane to keep doing the same thing over expecting a different result.

The two party system must be crushed.

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