Saturday, July 16, 2016

President's Weekly Address

In this week's address, President Obama acknowledged that the aftermath of tragedies like we've seen in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Minnesota, can leave us struggling to make sense of these events.


1. Curious said...

So a Democrat moderator of a debate between a Republican and two Democrats? Hmmmmmmm

2. Landon said...

Heard you today on Sports Talk. You are on point

3. Junior said...

It is more divided than the President can say.

4. Jesse said...

Whatever he says will be wrong with somebody.President Obama has been open and honest in my opinion

5. Brock said...

Is that the same Gilbert from your show wanting the debate?

6. Damon Jones said...

Great interview on Sports Talk.
Listening in Memphis

7. Grace said...

I love and will miss him.

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