Monday, June 20, 2016

What's Your Take?

A recent poll revealed that half of Americans — 51 percent — are worried that they or someone in their family might become a victim of a terrorist attack, while 48 percent said they are not worried.

What’s Your Take? Are you worried that you or someone in your family might become a victim of a terrorist attack?


1. Scotty+Reid said...

Most everything I read on the subject puts your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack at one in 20 million. You have a higher chance of being killed by a drunk driver than by a terrorist attack. The amount of Americans walking around in fear are buying into the media hype of terrorism and exactly what politicians hope for. When people are scared and looking for someone else to defend, it is said they will surrender their rights for a false sense of safety.

2. Jesse said...

Speak Truth To Power Scotty

3. Brianna said...

The poll also said that half of Americans support a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the country.And ya'll think Trump is the only crazy one

4. Leigh Ann said...


5. Louis said...

I think about it but am not consumed by it

6. Leonard said...

Scotty YESSSSSS!. It sounds goal is to restrict people on the no fly list from purchasing guns,but the real problem is who is on the list and how can you get off.Too many Black and brown people are being profiled.We have to be ever so vigilant.

7. Rainbow said...

Didn't know you were based on Richmond until I saw you in Short Pump and read your site.I am not worried about terrorism.Nothing I can do,so I just live and love.

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