Wednesday, June 08, 2016

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Did you watch “Roots” the remake on the History Channel? Don’t think Rapper Snoop Dogg did, who was calling for a boycott of the miniseries. Really Snoop?  Why are hundreds of thousands of people upset about the killing of a gorilla pressing for charges against the parents of the 3 year old little boy that came face to face with the gorilla? Hillary and Donald are heading to their respective conventions, but Bernie and the Dump Trump movement are not ready to concede. 


1. Playa said...

I agree with Snoop,we cannot move ahead while looking back

2. Grace said...

Welcome Back

3. Latonya said...

Affluenza is a White disease

4. Jerome said...

Trump is coming to Richmond.Will you reach out to interview him?

5. Randy said...

I agree with Snoop

6. Jesse said...

It is obvious that a gorilla's life is worth more than a Black child

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