Sunday, May 15, 2016

What's Your Take?

A recent poll revealed that only 37% of US adults follow the news of the 2016 Presidential campaign very closely. How about you? How closely are you following the news about the 2016 presidential election campaign?


1. Jesse said...

Your listeners are up on the campaign thanks to you,but I am not surprised that attention is down without Obama on the ticket.I know its not on this question,but I am concerned over the lack of outrage over this George Zimmerman gun auction attempt.Did you hear that $65 Million dollars was offered before the site came down.Zimmerman described it as a "piece of American History". I dont give a damn about him,but about how many racists want a piece of this history.We ,Black people need to aware that race relations are getting worse because of people idolizing the Zimmermans and Trumps of the world.I would bet that a least one of your panelists would not have a problem with any of this and I am pissed off beyond expression. Thank you Tanya

2. Carrie said...

The more I follow,the more despondent I become.

3. Long Time Listener said...

Was watching Larry Wilmore Friday night and watched your show today,If George Zimmerman had been Black ,his ass would be in jail

4. Trudy said...

I am with Jesse.People are apathetic and ignorant when it comes to the election. Choices are not appealing at all.Please tell me why George Zimmerman is on the streets and not in jail for all of the stuff he has done since killing Trayvon

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